Managing Brands In A New Digital World

Digital Industry

I was recently watching a video about online brand management and one statement sums up the challenge of brand management in the digital landscape;

A brand is not what a company says it is, it is what Google says it is!

So whilst we all scramble for the top position in Google, the other 9 results on the first page can make or break your brand.  And why?  Because web 2.0 has changed our challenge as marketers forever.  The power of the information dissemination has shifted from companies who were seen as “experts” in a particular field to the users who can create, comment, review and share opinions to whomever and wherever they wish.  The social media phenomenon that has taken hold – social bookmarking, micro-blogging, social networking and blogging, all provide consumers with the forum to share information, contribute ideas and influence attitudes and beliefs with their online networks.

So what does this mean for marketers?  Well it depends how you look at it?  In one sense, your marketing resources may now be in abundance with online authorities spreading the good word. In addition the intelligence gained to improve the customer experience is enormous.

BUT can all brands benefit or be affected by the changes in the brand management game?  That depends on if people consider everyday items worth taking about.  For me toilet paper just isn’t that important!

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