Life-streaming – It’s Blog Progression Not A Blog Procession?

Life Streaming Technology

There has been a lot of discussion in the past month about life-streaming – with many bidding farewell to blogging and moving into the world of life-streaming. But does life-streaming mark the death of the blog?

Fundamentally I believe life-streaming is not the death of a blog but rather the natural progression of blogging to become a more dynamic form of media evolving like many other digital channels in the world of web 2.0.

The definition of a blog is “a journal or diary that is posted on the Internet.” Whilst the definition of life-streaming is “…a time-ordered stream of documents that functions as a diary of your electronic life. These definitions demonstrate the common theme of a “diary”, so whilst life-streaming provides a more real time approach to traditional blogging, fundamentally the concept is the same.

So whilst the fundamental concept remains, blogs like other forms of media need to innovate to maintain relevance on the social web.

So how is life-streaming transforming blogging as we know it?

Facebook LiveFor 1, whilst the leading Blogger and WordPress platforms are integrating life-streaming elements into their existing platforms – it seems new platforms are increasing in popularity – one such example is Platforms such as Posterous a simple process to upload data ( said to be as simple as sending an email) making it much easier for users to capture and upload their thoughts on the fly. This technology may lead to a change in the type of content becoming available ie more real time commentary on topics as they break and possibly shorter bursts of information rather than large content heavy posts (looks like I might be in trouble).

Secondly, life-streaming technology brings together information from a range of networks aggregating a users profile into one interface. This is one of the big draw cards of life-streaming as the technology streamlines online profiles to provide an online hub, and this is of benefit to bloggers. With your audience using an array of mediums such as Twitter, FriendFeed etc to find, comment and share thoughts , the value of their interaction with your content is not lost as this is aggregated into one lifestream. Lifestreaming also has the added benefit of pushing content out to all your various profiles online, simplifying management of the array of online properties one has.

As a result of the ease and aggregation we may see a much higher uptake of personal life-streams/blogs in Australia as users seek to simplify their social experience.

So the question should not be if bloggers should move away from blogging, but rather how they can leverage this progression in the blogging arena to build upon the success already achieved.
If you want to know more about life-streaming, I have included a number of links to posts I have found useful and provide interesting insight into this developing trend.

Are you thinking of moving onto a life-streaming platform? Do you think life-streaming will be the death of the blog? Please share your thoughts below – or on Twitter.

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Leveraging The Blogging Community

When organisations consider blogging, one of the favoured strategies is the creation of a brand or corporate blog. However one of the under-utilised and unexplored assets on the web in Australia is the “personal bloggersphere.” Whilst it may be slightly premature to brand this as the next big digital trend in Australia, I believe leveraging independent blogs to achieve commercial objectives will increase in popularity over the coming years.

Why consider leveraging the personal bloggersphere?

Personal blogging is on the rise in Australia, as individuals attempt to showcase their expertise within a given field. These individuals are becoming thought leaders within the online community and are emerging as key influencers across many interest categories. And although the popularity of maintaining a personal blog in Australia is not as high as in Asia and other parts of the world, there is a sizable captive audience listening to the thoughts and opinions of the online blogging community.

According to recent research, 69% of Australians read blogs between 2 to 3 times a week and whilst this lags behind the rest of the world, it is still a significant portion of the Australian population.

However before diving into the bloggersphere there are several considerations a brand must make. One of the most important is the lack of control brands may have when utilising the personal bloggersphere, as blogs are not another platform to simply publish advertorial like content. Bloggers are trusted by their readers and want to protect the authenticity of their content from commercialisation. As a result brands may (depending on how the arrangement is structured) have less control over the final message projected by the blogger about their brand experience.

Personal BloggingThe Personal Blogging Channel In Practice

Tourism Australia, is one of the innovative Australian brands utilising the bloggersphere to connect with its global audience. Their strategy is simple, Tourism Australia has identified some of the emerging opinion leaders on the web and will host them down under.

Popular Australian Blogs

Whilst this article does not equip you with all the knowledge you need to embark on strategies within the personal bloggersphere, I have detailed a few links below to enable you to continue your research on the emerging blogs in Australia;

Top 30 Australian Food Blogs

If you know of any other popular blogs in Australia, why not share them below.

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