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Marketing teams are evolving, and whilst some organisations have been online for years, many are still in their infancy of embarking on an online strategy. As a result many marketing professionals are upgrading their knowledge from traditional marketing channels to cover digital areas such as search, social media and even onsite optimisation and usability.

But besides the multitude of technical knowledge required to be a talented client side digital marketer, what other skills and qualities do you need? Working client side for the past 4 years in digital, here are some of the key skills I think separate the online men from the boys – or the women from the girls for that matter.

Educator & Champion

In Australia, digital marketing is still an emerging area. Those up-skilling or who already have digital expertise, need to take on a wider role within their marketing department and across their organisation as an educator and champion of the discipline. Those who can successfully educate those surrounding them will find stakeholders are more bought into the strategy and concept of the online channel which provides the added support and investment needed to succeed online.

Educating and championing digital amongst peers and senior management however is not an easy task and requires persistence and a significant investment in time. But those that can effectively acquire and utilise this skill will find the road for implementing digital just that bit easier.


Online NetworkingWhilst developing strategic partnerships is not a new concept for some marketing professionals, digital marketing professionals will benefit from gaining thorough knowledge of how to build online relationships with bloggers, portals and other influencers in the community. Such relationships can spawn opportunities for cross promotion through online partnerships, co-creation of valuable content to deliver to users or third party endorsements such as those that can come from professional bloggers. Online networking used in this context in some ways can be the modern form of building relationships with the press, and if done right can therefore provide digital marketers with many new lucrative avenues to expand a digital strategy outside of the more obvious channels of search and email.

Resourcefulness & Entrepreneurial Spirit

Digital IndustryAs digital marketing is still a relatively new channel for many organisations, being resourceful and sometimes almost entrepreneurial is key. In many instances organisations will not heavily invest early on until a return is shown, thus digital marketers more so than other marketing professionals need to deliver results to secure a larger investment for the channel. Digital marketers must therefore consider where their marketing spend will net the largest return online to make sure that every dollar spent delivers a healthy CPA. Focusing on what you have got rather than what you haven’t is important as is looking for creative new ways to achieve objectives and leveraging the free and low cost tools available online.


To be one of the best you truly have to love all things digital. The digital industry is a fast moving beast, one which holds enormous potential and is truly inspiring but one which you can lag behind in very quickly. The best client side digital marketers are those that not only have a commitment to continually deliver on business objectives, but ensure they are keeping up to date with the latest digital trends and new technologies. This knowledge is invaluable to drive new innovative strategies in the space and stay ahead of the curve.

Do you think there are any crucial skills or attributes client side marketers need to be the best in the digital industry? Add your comments below.

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