What’s New in Digital – Last Month in Review

With everything moving along rapidly in the digital space, it seems every week there is something new online for marketers to sink their teeth into.

To save you time to crawl the web we have summarised some of the major changes in the past 4 weeks.

Its all about being mobile

Figures released in late December by research firm Gartner show laptops outsold desktop PCs in Australia for the first time in 2008.  In particular, there was significant demand for lightweight laptops with shorter lifespans outselling desktop PCs.

In addition to the above growth in mobile broadband has grown 40%, enabling people access the web any time any where.

This trend is making consumers even more accessible.

It is also expected that this demand for accessibility will produce an explosion in uptake of smart phones in 2009.  In 2007 smart phones equated to only 16% of all mobile phones, but in 2009 this is expected to rise to 57%.  This trend will be the most significant in the plight of mobile marketing and should be on the agenda for many of us in 2009.

Google Maps Street ViewGoogle Street View Maps

Just 3 weeks ago, Google’s street view expanded to now include many more Geelong streets, Darwin and other remote parts of Northern Territory.

On the Australian Google Blog, one of Google’s Product Managers stated that Australians are now using street view as a way of checking out destinations for their next holiday.

The question however is just how will Australian websites embrace the latest Google technology? With some of the largest benefits obvious for the tourism industry there is also possible application with the property market.  Marketers within relevant industries should thus be looking to capitalise on this new technology.  This could not only be done through integrating street view maps within their site, but by considering the use of mash-ups which integrate video’s and other imagery into maps for a more interactive web experience.

Yahoo7 Web Mail

Whilst much of the world may consider us a relatively small market, it is good to see that Yahoo7 sees us as important.  Yahoo7 has recently introduced new email services and Australia is the first market to test these outside of the US.

The new Yahoo7 Mail features include a “smarter” inbox that prioritises messages from existing contacts – making it even more important for email marketers to get recipients to add your company email address to their email contact list.

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