Rethinking Your Email Marketing Strategy

There is no doubt about it – companies love the mass email marketing strategy.

But with inboxes fuller than ever and attention spans reducing at a rapid rate, how are you going to adapt your email strategy?

This article aims to get you thinking about how to re-engineer your email strategy and metrics to give your email marketing a new lease of life.

Rethinking performance metrics

Marketers are obsessed with campaign based metrics – opens / clicks and most of all revenue but what was the value lost from your recent email campaign?

ROI from email marketing is obviously the reason why so many businesses adopt the mass mail strategy, but what impact does this have on your subscriber base?

Email addresses did not magically appear on your database, building a relationship and trust with customers is a difficult process and a costly one – so preservation of an organisations most valuable asset (its database) is integral. Mass email marketing is more costly than organisations give it credit for – thus it is important to calculate the cost of database churn – particularly if it is those that have made several purchases and are of high value to your organisation.

Rethinking your content strategy

Untargeted promotional emails sent to the masses may capture a few prospect buyers by chance, but outside of this if your consumers are not in the decision set for purchasing your product your email has fallen on deaf ears.

According to a report by Exact Target in the US, marketers are looking to integrate social media into their email campaigns. So whether this be providing subscribers with the opportunity to share content or driving users to fan pages this will be one of the trends to emerge in the next 6 – 12 months in Australia.

However these techniques are ineffective if your content strategy is unengaging. Applying some of the principles of social media – such as delivering value through quality content rather than pushing marketing messages to consumers will be the platform of any successful integration between the techniques.

Email Marketing StrategyRethinking email intelligence

Email marketing has become such a quantitative science. Integrating email systems with analytics to discover end to end behaviour and to improve campaigns has been such a valuable source of intelligence BUT what can email learn from website development? There is so much value gained from the end consumer that email marketers are really only getting half the story. It may sound simple but build feedback mechanisms into your campaigns to give customers an open invitation to respond with content suggestions and requests and most importantly feedback on why people are unsubscribing.

Rethinking emails importance

With so many other new digital channels gaining the attention at present, email marketing is the unloved child. Your email strategy probably has and will continue to play an important role in achieving your marketing objectives so it’s probably time to rethink how you can take your email marketing to the next level.

Have you recently changed your email strategy for the better? If so why not share your tips here.

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