10 Fast Mobile Facts – For Those On The Move

Fast Mobile Facts

1) Mobile Ownership; Australia had 23.6 million mobile users at year-end 2008 which represents a 110% penetration level– Telyste

2) Mobile Usage; According to the Nielsen Online and Technology report, Australians spend close to 4 hours per week on their mobile phones. – Nielsen Online

3) Handset Ownership; Handset Ownership of Australians according to BuzzCity;
• Nokia – 44.23%
• Samsung – 15.92%
• Sony Ericsson – 14.1%
• LG – 13.87%
• Motorola – 3.1%
• iPhone – .8%
• Palm – .3%

Mobile Internet Usage Habits4) Mobile Internet Usage; Mobile broadband subscribers equalled 2 million users at the end of 2008. This is estimated to grow to over 5 million mobile broadband users by 2013 – Telyste

5) Mobile Internet Frequency; According to Sweeney research, Australians with mobile access, connect to the net via their phone 1.9 times per week on average. – Sweeney Research

6) Mobile Page View Growth Page views of Australian mobile internet sites (from October – Mar 09) grew 24.4% during the six month period. – AIMIA

7) Mobile Internet Usage Habits; Sweeney Research showed that Australians are using their mobile internet for music (43 percent), games (33 percent) and sport (32 percent). They are also sharing photos (70 percent), ringtones (46 percent) and music (46 percent) via their mobile when they are online. – Sweeney Research

8) Mobile Content Growth; Mobile content is tipped to be the fastest growing revenue segment in the non-voice mobile services sector reaching $2.8 billion by 2013 – Telsyte.

9) Mobile Advertising Growth; Mobile advertising will treble with forecasts suggesting that mobile advertising spend will grow to $20 million during 2009, from the paltry $7 million accrued in 2008. – Telsyte

10) Mobile Promotion Content Preferences According to a News Digital Media survey, mobile users would find mobile competitions and discount vouchers most appealing from advertisers. Full results are below;
What type of mobile phone promotions would appeal to you?
• 68 % Competitions
• 56 % Discount vouchers
• 47 % Free product downloads
• 47% Free product sampling
• 27% Games

Do you have any other mobile stats that you wish to share? If so please do so below.

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