10 Site Intelligence Tips

Website Marketing Tips

More from less is the order of the day. Whilst many marketers feel we have to spend more to make more – we have at our peril many free resources to gather site intelligence which can improve usability, the user experience and ultimately conversions – here is our top 10 tips.

On-Site Search – Finding the Diamonds in The Rough

Analyse your on-site search data focussing on;

1) What products people are looking for that your company doesn’t provide. Is this a new product opportunity?
2) Look for common misspellings and ensure your search engine is optimised to return results with the correct spelling
3) What information are users finding difficult to locate on your site – how can you make it more prominent?

Gathering Insight

Feedback Button4) Site Surveys – An underutilised resource – site surveys can provide insight into key areas of concern for users through exit surveys
5) Customer Service – Talk to the customer service team. What common issues are expressed about your site through customer service calls?
6) Feedback Button – Capture users frustrations as they happen – ensure your site has a prominent feedback button at important stages – ie during the booking process / search processes
7) Get on the phone – Have your users just completed your booking process? Call them to discuss how they found the site
8) Scour the internet; Constructive criticism is across the web on review sites and social media sites – find the core frustrations of your user base and start a conversation with them

Onsite Stats – The numbers don’t lie

9) Time on Site – A basic measurement but a very useful one. Time on site is a powerful measure if used in conjunction with other reports. Time on site is useful to determine if users are engaging with key areas on your site or to determine which site pages are visited for an extended period of time that shouldn’t be. If there is a problem use this information to investigate why this is happening – the feedback button could provide the clues.

Bounce Rates – Another basic measure – but study your bounce rates – find which channel/page combinations are not effectively converting – then look at how this can be improved.

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