ME 2.0 – Digital Career Management

Digital marketers are at the forefront of a dynamic online industry and with a plethora of online tools and concepts, we are spoilt for choice with web 2.0 offering a plethora of new opportunities.

But how is web 2.0 changing the way in which we need to market ourselves? The topic of online recruitment is an interesting one and one which is a hot topic of debate within the recruitment industry. With job seekers now empowered with new tools such as professional networking sites just how important is the online space to your career? Just what are employers looking for when it comes to hiring digital staff and how can you maximise job opportunities?

Social media has now given rise to new career management tools for the savvy digital marketer. Sorting the best from the mediocre – the future of your next career move will be dependent on how well you market yourself online. If you think about it, it makes sense, if you were to hire a digital marketing professional and wanted to check their credentials then online is the place to start.

So how can you maximise your “ME” brand in the hire 2.0 world?

The modern day equivalent of the resume for a digital marketer is said to be the blog or at least regular blogging on third party sites. Blogs provide the opportunity to display knowledge in your area/s of expertise and allows you to actively manage your ‘ME’ brand. A blog also provides the dimension of credibility and unlike a traditional CV will provide differentiation to put you in a more favourable position than other candidates applying for the role.

Outside of maintaining your own blog, sites like LinkedIn allow users to build up and display knowledge in a specialist area through responding to network member questions providing an alternative route to demonstrate your knowledge.

Social Media StrategyGetting the most from your networks

There is an increasing number of people who are using online techniques to gain job offers rather than utilising traditional online channels such as job sites. Sites like Twitter can provide individual marketers with the opportunity to gain a following online providing industry recognition. This can lead to being approached with new opportunities through the network of followers. LinkedIn can also be a useful source to strike up discussions with professionals in the company you aspire to work within.

Managing Online Reputation

It’s not only big brands which can suffer from a bad online reputation. Online reviews and discussions are indexed by Google and can have an impact on how you are perceived by potential recruiters. Always ensure your online interactions are creating positive outcomes for your ME brand to mitigate any bad PR which can affect potential job offers.

If you have any other tips for ME 2.0, or any experiences where the new social channels have assisted your career why not share them, by clicking on the comments link below.

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