Top 5 Outdated SEO Techniques

Outdated SEO Techniques

Many SEO techniques have become outdated despite their continuing use by some specialists in SEO.

This article aims to identify some of the most common ones that you may come across and avoid if you are considering them to be an important part of your SEO strategy;

1. Keyword Density

Long gone are the days of optimising a page to an optimal ratio of keyword content versus overall page content. Too many unethical SEO’s over-optimised site copy making this a redundant part of Google’s famous algorithm.

What now? Optimise with keywords on the basis of relevancy and user experience, and focus on offsite techniques that contribute to your site being seen as a knowledgeable source on given topics.

2. Flash

In the early days of search, Google found it difficult to index flash files thus site owners had to choose between aesthetics or rankings. However webmaster requests for better indexing did not go unheard. In June 2008 Google announced in response to consumer demand they had improved flash indexing.

What now? All of the text that users can see as they interact with a Flash file can now be indexed by Google. Google is also able to read URLs within flash files. For the official word on how to deal with optimising flash content click here;

3. Paid Linking

Paid linking was dealt a severe blow in 2008, as visible changes to Google’s algorithm became apparent and it was those who engaged in intensive paid linking strategies whose ranking suffered enormously.

What now? Unfortunately links don’t come easy. To establish strong external linking requires quality content and a good social sharing strategy.

Search Engine URL Submission4. Search Engine Submission

The process of submitting a site to search engines is one technique which some unethical SEO’s still attempt to cash in on, but is one technique which is long gone.

What now? If you have a new site, Google will locate and crawl it by following links on the web. Digital Marketing Lab was crawled within a week of the site’s launch, and how? We placed our first link on the free directory site and sure enough Google found us.

5. Footer Links

For many years, many of the leading sites created additional site content which was accessible via footer links on the home page of a site. As usual techniques which are over-used by webmasters are those which Google begin to devalue in their algorithm as these techniques are being deployed for the sole purpose of ranking in search engines.

What now? Now more than ever a well thought out internal site structure and linking strategy is important. If you are re-designing a site, conduct keyword research early on and determine how you can deliver useful content and support SEO objectives through a well structured site.

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