Marketing In The Downturn – Part 2

Online Marketing

Part 2 of marketing in the downturn features how you can get more from your existing infrastructure and most important assets your.

1. Website Usability;

2. Website Success Events & Customer Touch-points

It is often surprising that organisations can liaise with tens or hundreds of customers everyday without effectively making the most of this interaction. As the saying goes, retaining existing customers is cheaper and easier than winning new ones – but if this is the case why does is so much expenditure aimed towards the acquisition process? From an onsite perspective review your current site structure to determine if your key interaction points effectively capture and contribute to your marketing objectives.

Sign Up FormFor example if one of your key objectives is to increase newsletter sign ups, ensure your site is capturing sign ups throughout the site by;

1) Ensuring the sign up button appears throughout the site not just on the homepage

2) Provides the ability to capture sign ups during the collection of contact details for transactional purposes

3) Captures sign ups during an initial enquiry through a contact form

From an off-site perspective, if your organisation regularly speaks with customers ensure that customer data is verified during discussions to keep your data fresh to facilitate ongoing interaction with your clients. This can also be taken further, to leverage all customer touch-points. Start by mapping the interaction process that your organisation has with your customers. By mapping the process you will be able to identify where your company could be missing an opportunity – both revenue and non revenue based.

3. Talk to Your Customers

It may sound simple, but we marketers can become so busy that we often lose touch with our end consumers. In this market consumers are becoming more conscious of where they spend their money and they are more likely to shop around. Now is the time to ensure you are in-tune with their needs, understanding where your product or service is not delivering on its promises. There are many ways you can facilitate such research – via phone surveys, focus groups and online forums. Whatever mechanism you choose ensure that you have identified clear objectives from the outset so the time you invest delivers measurable outcomes for the business.

Our 2 part series is obviously not an all encompassing list of ideas for marketing during a more challenging market. If you have other ideas, why not comment below.

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