Is content marketing coming of age down under?

In 2013, Australian brands really began to embrace content marketing, according to Director of King Content Cameron Upshall in a recent Mumbrella article. And if a recent survey by ADMA and the Content Marketing Institute is anything to go by, content marketing is high on the agenda for 2014 with 69% of marketers planning to increase their content marketing budget in 2014. Further still the early part of 2014 has seen an explosion of content marketing roles, and in particular big brands like ANZ have begun to put their weight behind content marketing with the appointment of senior talent to drive their content strategy forward. All in all it seems content marketing is coming of age down under but amongst all the hype and focus is content marketing delivering?

The ROI challenge
Whilst much focus and attention is being placed on content marketing by Australian marketers unfortunately many marketers feel content marketing is not delivering in line with expectations. Whilst nearly 7 in every 10 marketers are planning to increase investment in content marketing, the ADMA & Content Marketing Institute survey revealed only 1 in 3 Australian marketers rated their content marketing efforts as very effective or effective, which is of concern.

So why is it content marketing is failing to deliver?

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How organisations are using digital to derive customer insights

Whilst tried and true traditional research methodologies are still an integral part of the insight manager’s tool kit, digital is changing the way organisations and brands gather, analyse and deduce patterns in real time and at a fraction of the cost. However whilst some are embracing digital tools whole heartedly to glean insights wider adoption is still slow and often insights gathered from digital tools and channels don’t go beyond the digital department. In this article I examine how brands are leveraging digital insights to support decision making across an array of business functions to hopefully inspire more organisations to embrace digital tools to derive valuable insights.

The social insights movement
Velocity, speed, cost, number of respondents and honesty all contribute to the appeal of social media to generate valuable insights. With consumers discussing brands, companies, products and experiences via social media – social insights are helping marketers and business leaders to better understand their customer base and make more informed business decisions. Given the vast subject matter discussed in the social space – in recent times we have seen brands leverage social media to gather an array of insights to aid the following;
> Product development / range decision making
> Gap analysis between customer service expectations and delivery
> Greater understanding of customer needs
> Brand attitudes, perceptions and sentiment and more

MasterCard is one brand that has fully embraced the power of social media to gather insights. In 2013 MasterCard conducted a global study of the mobile payments space, based entirely on insights gleaned from 85,000 different comments scattered across social channels around the world. The study revealed a high volume of discussion and interest in adopting mobile payments but found security, customer support and confusion over the array of options available today as barriers to entry. It also found those who had used a mobile money service were less positive about the idea than consumers who hadn’t tried one yet. MasterCard then used these insights to refine its MasterPass e-payments service.

MasterCard Conversation Suite

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13 Valuable Australian Digital Resources For Marketers

Australian publishers, agencies, industry bodies and bloggers are pumping out a raft of valuable resources which can support strategy / business case development or to simply get up to speed with the digital landscape. Read Full Article >

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3 Notable Australian Digital Initiatives to Kick Off 2014

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5 Big Australian Digital Moments of 2013

Whilst we are only a few weeks into the new year 2013 already feels like a distant memory. Each year, we Australians get a little better at this thing called digital with some organisations producing some great work in the space which they should be applauded for. Read Full Article >

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A Beginners Guide to Facebook Advertising

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