The Push for Hyper-Personalisation is on

Personalisation has long been a priority for marketers – but personalisation is arguably entering a golden age. More than ever brands are going beyond customising the experience through one or two channels instead opting to personalise the experience at every stage of the customer journey. Although the concept of hyper personalisation or true marketing to a segment of one is not new, advancements in technology (mobile, wearables, marketing automation), growth in corporate customer data assets and consumers’ appetite for personalised experiences has meant it is set to become a reality.

Good intentions but hard to operationalise
A series of recent studies conducted by Adobe have shown the importance senior marketers are placing on personalisation. One recent study found that 69% of Marketers wish to embrace ‘hyper-personalisation’ (i.e. using data to provide the right products, services and content at the right time) whilst another found ‘targeting and personalisation’ remains the top digital priorities for 2015.

But despite their best intentions and priorities the push to personalise is not without significant challenges for CMOs. For those brands in pursuit of nirvana the journey is not an easy one.
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The rise of the brand media house

The digital advertising industry is in the midst of significant transformation and it being driven by brands increasingly focusing on content and data.
In recent times we have seen the rise of in-house publishing house with big brands poaching top-talent journalists in droves to create and implement world class content strategies. We have also seen the rise of the brand trading desk with the likes of Kelloggs, Netflicks and Air France and moving away from agency partners in favour of building their own programmatic buying teams. For some brands, the shift to inhousing reflects the need to have greater control over data assets or a greater investment in owned and earned forms of marketing. However for others the shift is being driven by the opportunity to become publishers in their own right which represents a new and very big threat to traditional publishers.

ASDAs first party data opening up a world of opportunities for suppliers
The retail industry is ripe of monetisation of its consumer intent and transactional data. In a big sign of things to come, ASDA revealed its grand plan to launch its own ad exchange next year to allow suppliers to serve ads to users on its web properties. Read Full Article >

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The Big Digital Trend of 2015: Fusing Consumer Data with Digital Activities

As each year comes to a close and we launch into a new year – the prediction articles roll off the production line and this year is no different. The internet of things, wearables, iBeacons are just some of the hot trends for 2015, Read Full Article >

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Alternative budgeting processes to drive greater digital investment

Whilst digital has been on the agenda of many CMOs and senior marketers for years – some industries have been better at adapting their marketing strategy and shifting spend towards digital than others. Read Full Article >

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3 Digital Advertising Trends Every Marketer Should Know About

The growth in mobile and tablet device usage, combined with the increasing importance brands are placing on collecting and leveraging data, is driving innovation within the digital media space. Read Full Article >

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Australian Digital Stats Compilation 2014 – 30 Fast Facts

It’s been a year since I compiled my latest digital stats summary and so I felt I was long overdue to provide another one. A lot can happen in a year, it was only yesterday my son was born and … Read Full Article >

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